Logward’s free sailing schedule search tool allows shippers to compare carriers and routes side-by-side, while matching them to allocated capacity

Hamburg, Germany –

Finding sailing schedules should be as easy and accessible as planning vacation trips, which is why Logward is committed to making it happen. Logward now offers a free search tool to compare carrier schedules, and for its customers, associates this information with their allocated capacity. This comes at a particularly relevant time amid historic capacity shortages.

Why now and how does it work

After analyzing the current Ocean Freight Economy, Logward uncovered some of the causes of volatility in the ocean freight market. With shippers booking more on-the-spot, last-minute shipments, one of the biggest challenges is having visibility across all carriers. For those who have obtained their freight allowances in advance, it is also difficult to assess when and how they can use these allowances. To make life easier for shippers, Logward has partnered with Blue Water Reporting to provide sailing schedule data in a free, easy-to-use search tool, as well as for Allocation Management customers.

Users can explore schedules for over 200 carriers directly on Logward’s website simply by inserting ports and dates. From there, a list of options appears with carrier name, transit time, departure/arrival dates and service/vessel name. The free tool also provides a map with a list of ports of call.

The data that feeds the free tool is also integrated with Logward’s allocation management, which associates the capacity allocated by the customer with the corresponding schedules. This allows full visibility of options when booking shipments on tender lanes. With the transparency this brings, Logward helps customers avoid roll-up shipments, hold carriers to agreements, and improve on-time performance.

Ultimately, this free sailing schedule search tool fulfills Logward’s mission of translating shipping data into actionable insights. Try it for yourself today!


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