Loan for negative does exist?

Loan for negative does exist?

Late bills, salary lasts less than month, and bills keep coming. Do you find yourself in this situation? Sometimes the way to get back in the blue is to borrow money from the bank. But, is there a loan for negative?

You will see that there are solutions for those in this situation. Interest may be higher than normal, as the finance company is not sure that the customer will be able to honor payments.

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Loan for negative

Loan for negative

There is loan for negative. Usually with higher than normal rates, which can reach 20%.

We know, sometimes there are no alternatives to seeing the name clean again if you don’t get a loan. But be aware, the higher the number of installments, the higher the interest.

The high interest rate for this type of loan is justified by the bank or financial institution having no guarantee of repayment, in addition to taking more risks of default.

Some alternatives may make it easier to take out a loan for those who are negative.

See alternatives:

Personal loan for negative

Personal loan for negative

Fees are higher, but some banks offer this option. Another tip that may work for you is payroll loans, see how it works:

Payroll loan

This is considered an easier form of loan, since the installments are discounted in payroll, which is directly from the payment of the worker. There is a consignable margin, ensuring that it does not compromise all income.

The payable margin is 35%, with 5% to be used to pay off credit card debt. If you have no card debt, your limit is 30%.


With credit card debt: salary x 0.35

No credit card debt: salary x 0.30

If your salary is $ 1,000, then your margin is $ 300. (30%)

If you have credit card debt: $ 350 total margin, where $ 50 is for card debt.

This amount will automatically be deducted from your salary until the loan ends. It must be requested from your company HR. It is also worth remembering that some banks do not release the payable margin ceiling.

Online loan for negatives

Some financiers make the loan service available to online negatives. That is, over the internet, it is possible to simulate and hire, without leaving home, your money is deposited in a few hours.

As we said, be aware at the time of the simulation, the interest can be very high and end up not compensating exchange one debt for another.

These companies are serious and safe. But before closing the deal, make sure it is protected, do a search on what customers think and if it is valued well on the internet.

How long is my name cleared?

money loan

Once you repay your debt or negotiate it, the company has a limit of up to 5 business days to swap one debt for another. The client must receive proof of payment of the debt.

If your name is not removed from the negative list, complain to the creditor to be discharged. If it is not yet resolved, the customer can look for Procon.

When is the limit to clear my name counted?

When is the limit to clear my name counted?

As soon as you pay off the debt! From then on, the deadline for companies to clear their name is counted. As we said before, the deadline is 5 business days. There is no more deadline.

Does debt “expire” over time?

debt loan

Yes, after five years the debt expires, that is, it no longer exists in the debtor register, but…. Large banks and finance companies have modern analysis systems and are sure to have access to this debt that has “gone through” but not been repaid.

The problem is that this is in your history, which may not help when getting a credit, especially with the same company that you owe.

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