Debt Renegotiation: How To?

Brazil does not have a strong culture of financial education. Many people come to unsure adulthood how to manage the economic issue in their lives. And the results could not be different: misuse of money, problems and problems.

If you have already reached this point, you can still improve the situation. You can better understand this process, make a debt renegotiation and get your name back on the market. Want to find out how? Read the following text and check out this complete guide to debt renegotiation:


What happens when your name gets dirty

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When we are in doubt about a business or company, the standard procedure is to receive a letter stating that because of this problem our name may be on the delinquent list. And when we do not resolve the issue, it can inform Sorasa or the Central Credit Protection Service (SCPC) about the pending issue. Once this happens, the institution will send you a correspondence saying that your name is included in your registration. After you settle the situation by paying or negotiating, the creditor company will have 5 business days to inform and request removal of your name from the register.

But if even with mailing you still don’t know if your name is already dirty, you can search the institutions and find out. In the case of Sorasa, the customer must go in person and carry documents such as CPF, RG or Professional Card. Another person can also do it through a power of attorney. In SCPC, the consultation can be done over the internet or at one of the service points.


How to renegotiate debts

How to renegotiate debts

This will depend on the type of debt you have contracted. If it was a late payment at a store, you can go to the store and pay off or request a renegotiation, with new deadlines, installments or discounts. After that, as stated, the company will have 5 business days to request the withdrawal of its name from the defaulting companies. Do not forget to require a receipt confirming the settlement of the debt.

If it is on the credit card, there are several ways to proceed. If you find the rate abusive, you should seek PROCON from your region and get directions. You can also negotiate with the carrier in the following ways: either ask for a discount and pay cash or make an entry and install the rest. It is also important to request a receipt to prove that the debt has been settled.

In the case of a loan with a financial company, the situation has an aggravating factor: although they usually cover a fine of 2% per month, there is no limit provided by law. This can become a snowball and leave you even more with the rope around your neck (if you find it abusive, look for PROCON too). The same process of debt negotiation goes here: seeking an agreement with the company and requiring proof.


Settle your debt

Settle your debt

You should go to this card and consult who registered the protest. Should, look for the lender and negotiate the payment. With the promissory note in hand, you must go to the card and pay a fee (which is proportional to your debt) to withdraw the protest. The card will also have 5 business days to inform SCPC or Sorasa, requesting removal of your name from the delinquent register.

These are the ways to find out if your name has gotten dirty and the ways to clean it. We must always be aware, because the inclusion in delinquent records can bring us many problems, besides being uncomfortable. Negotiate your debts and sleep more peacefully.

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