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 S.C. Navol S.A.







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Navol Shipyard

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Ships quality at the highest international standards and competitive prices! 

Welcome to NAVOL Shipyard at OLTENITA

   It is our pleasure to present you this brief description of the Shipyard  
OLTENITA, one of the most important in Romania.

     Shipyard OLTENITA is situated on the left bank of Danube river, 190 
Kilometers from Black - Sea (by Danube - Black-Sea Channel).

    The place is accessible in 60 minutes by car, southward from Bucharest.

   Founded in 1946 the Shipyard OLTENITA has delivered in 1947 two small wood 
ships for coastal and river navigation.
   In 1950 Shipyard OLTENITA became building of steel river vessels such as   
barges, lighters and river dredgers.

    The development of vessel construction, have determinate modernisation of 
Shipyards facilities and since 1957 modern welding processing was implemented.

    The most important type of vessel, was a river-going cargo of 2000 DWT.
   Between 1960-1965,  Shipyard has built the first river passenger vessel 
named OLTENITA followed on short time by “CARPATI?each of them able to carry 
176 persons in comfortable cabins.

    In the same period have been built the first marine dredgers, in breakers 
of 1200 HP and motorship of 2000 DWT.

   Between 1966-1968 Shipyard Oltenita has constructed 26 river seagoing  
motorships of 5000 DWT, as well as motorships of 2000 DWT based on orders 
placed by the former Soviet Union.

   Between 1968-2000, Shipyard OLTENITA has built not only the ships for  
domestic owners, but numerous vessels of many types for export.

    During this activity Shipyard Oltenita has delivered more than 900 vessels 
to the foreign partners.

   About 80% of shipbuilding’s in the last ten years were designated also for   


   For shipbuilding only, the shipyard processed over than 18,000 tons of  
shipbuilding steel, representing new vessels approx. 40,000 - 45,000 DWT  

   At present shipyard has almost 1000 employees and 2 main fabrication 
sections provided with many efficient machines and facilities, suitable cranes, 
automatic gas and plasma cutting machines, a.s.o.

    The shipyard has a working area placed at the left bank of Danube river, in 
length of almost 1000 meters.

  There is a winter harbour for outfit and protection of launched   vessels.
	The working slipway has two lines provided  with working facilities, 
intended for assembling of 6 vessels in the same time, having the main 
dimensions as maximum length up to 150 meters and  maximum breadth until 18 
 The vessel hull, preassembled in the shipbuilding fabrication shops on the  
sections and block sections having the weight up to 60 Tons, is delivered  
and carried with travelling and over-head cranes to the slipway.

    The all surface of shipbuilding fabrication shops, where the plates and 
profiles are processing only after these supported a rigorous technological 
cleaning process and sandblasting, is about 18,000 m2 .

  The preoccupations of S.C. NAVOL S.A.  for enlarging the efficiency of 
manufacturing technologies were materialised in the last period in improvement 
of the technologies for sand-blasting, shop-priming of sections and block-
sections at the vessels, for automatic cutting of plates and profiles.


   From the most important types of vessels in the shipyard we can say:
Seagoing cargo vessel of 2500 DWT
River and seagoing motorship of 5000 DWT
River and seagoing motorship of 3300 DWT
Dredger of 750 cub.m/h
Section dredger of 3500 cub.m/h
River pushers 2x1200 HP, 2x1360 HP and 3x1600 HP
Pusher for Danube-Main-Rhine Channel 2x1600 HP
Pushed barges with hatch covers
Car and passenger ferry of 25 Tons and 300 Tons
River passenger vessel for 200 persons (cruiser)
Pleasure river passengers for 40, 60, 78 and 300 persons (seats)
Coastal pleasure passenger vessel for 400 persons (catamaran)
Luxury seagoing passenger vessel for 81 persons
Yachts length of 8.5 meters, 10.5 meters, 15 meters and 24 meters
Deep-sea salvage tug of 5000 HP
Seagoing container vessel of 2600 DWT
Rivergoing container vessel of 3000 DWT
Chemical oil tanker of 5400 DWT

In fact, Shipyard Oltenita is able to built any type of vessel up to 
5000 DWT, also can release other activities as ship repairs, metal 
constructions and gears, equipment, spare parts, a.s.o.

S.C. NAVOL S.A. has certificate Quality Management System, according to 
EN ISO 9001:94 by the Germany Company GERMANISCHER LLOYD GmbH, starting from 
July 1995. 


In the future S.C. NAVOL S.A. intend to develop a complex programme for 
modernisation and retechnologisation of the activities in the vue of improving 
the standards up to the level of the best shipyards in the world.

For this, a complex programme of extending of Information Technology in 
all activities of the enterprise has been started.

A new and modern concept of computer’s system will be developed based 
on the program TRIBON designed by KOCKUMS COMPUTER SYSTEMS AB Sweden.

By substantial investments will be developed new technologies for 
blasting and painting giving to ships a high standard quality.

S.C. NAVOL S.A. continue to be interested in finding partners willing 
to collaborate in the following fields:
- Building and selling the ships of all kind
- Building a syncrolift device for launching the ships
- Building and selling the luxury yachts
- Marketing activities for selling the ships and for importing equipment

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