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 Descriptions for Shipyard 

Company Name:

 qingdao shitong group






 qingdao /weihai

Short Description:

ship building and repairing

  Further Information 

 qingdao shitong  shipyard build in 1976,is located in the South Sea coast of  
Wendeng City which lies in beach of Yellow Sea of Shandong Peninsula ,and the 
position is at EAST LONGITUDE 122ˇă2ˇä06ˇĺand NORTH LATITUDE 36 ˇă 55'5 ,and  
its east neighbor is zhangjiabu  ,and it is about 10KM to qingdao-weihai 
highway at the north, so the sea-transport  Is very convenient. Cover an area 
of 98,000 square meters, with 600 m long coastline, the natural water depth of 
5 ~ 6 meters. With Mild climate and Ice-free sediment all the year our 
shipyard is very suitable for ship building and repair.

            Company's existing Fixed assets is 59.35 million RMB; and have  
120 managers, of whom 58 are technical staff; with two 3,000-ton slipway; 
respectively;  one 50 tons dragon ¨Cgate crane; two dry docks which size is 
130 meters long & 30 meters wide ,and both the two confige with one  80 tons 
dragon ¨Cgate crane & 3 million square m2 hull chip & welding area &  total 
300 sets variety of machines and  welding equipments  separay; 




can produce 6 steel transport-ships of 5,000-tons-stage( or less ) per year, 
and can build 20 fisheries vessels ,with a  6 meters water depth and 390 
meters long outfitting pier. During the building procession ,we use CAD ship 
designˇ˘ mathematical lofting, steel Board pre-processing, CNC cutting, no 
margin closure, automatic welding and other new techniques and new 

"strive for excellence, sincere honesty" is the business philosophy of qingdao 
shitong, we are strict in the shipbuilding ,according to  the State Board and 
the Classification Societies Regulation and standard. We beganto work for the  
foreign ship owner at 1993, and get honors from them for our shipsˇŻ  superior 
performance, and we are really the first fishing vessel export company in 
Shandong Province, we make a wonder! in recent years, we build more than 100 
vessels, we build ships for Liaoning provinces, Zhejiang provinces, Shandong 
provinces, North Korea, Indonesia, Netherland, Belgium etc., both home and 
abroad ship owners; such as fishing boat owner, barges, refrigerated ships, 
bulk carriers, oil tankers and so on. We get high praises from ship owners & 
classification societies and Board checking department with our high Quality ; 
especially ,we build the 2100 cubic meters tanker for the Belgian company 
AVDV,  the owner treat us as  a world class ship builders and our ship is the 
best in the world.

under the strict control of our company, our deliver-ship have low 
maintenance, so it save so many costs of the owners and make great Profit 
margins, so our Company establish a very harmonious relationship with the 
customers .our company has always been to comply with the credibility first, 
quality first, user supreme principle, service for our majority customers !

By 1996, we got "two units of measurement certificate" ;By 2000, we were 
assessed to ensure the confirmation of qualified measurement company; By 1996, 
we got "Factory built steel fishing boat recognized certificate"; BY 2001, we 
renewed the "repair factory fishing ship construction certificate", our 
company got "Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate" ;By 
2002 , we got "following contract & re-credit business" honor ;By 2004, we got 
ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

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