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Ship for Sale

 Descriptions for Ship 

Date Updated:


Year Built:


Vessel Type:





 0 m usd

L O A:

 132 Meter



Service Speed:

 14 knots



Sell as Scrap:



newly built Dwt 8500DWT BV class MPP ship

  Further Information  

 Dwt 8500DWT BV class MPP ship
Vessel is still available,underbuilding in our shipyard!  is going to be delivered in several 
months, with BV ocean going class.
The vessel is highly equiped!  with main engine  One set of MAK9M1C25.
Aux engine  Simens 
Crane: 35T X 30M X 2
The unrestricted service ship to be built under the surveillance of BV Classification Society*s 
Class: BV   Flag Cyprus    unrestricted navigation area.
Class Notation:  I  HULL General cargo ship Heavy Cargo
 MACH Unrestricted navigation
Main particulars
Length over all  Loa                    132.0m
        Length between perpendicular  Lpp        123.0m
        Breadth (molded )  B                    18.6m
        Depth (molded)    D                    8.8m
        Design draft   d                        6.50m
Deadweight                          8500T
        Container deadweight: This vessel to carry 502TEU totally, 330TEU above the upper deck, 
others to be in the hold, including 20TEU of refrigerated containers
Tank capacity
        Cargo tank                              ~11772 m3
        Fuel oil tank                             ~288 m3
        Diesel oil tank                            ~39 m3
        Fresh water tank                          ~360 m3
        Ballast tank                             ~3167 m3
Lubrication oil tank                        ~15 m3
Speed and Endurance
The Service speed on 6.5m design draft to be about 13.5 knots with the main engine under CSR as 
possible, and wind is less than Beaufort wind scale 3-grade, with 15% sea margin.
The endurance to be about 6000 n mile, with the consumption rate of fuel oil and the capacity of 
fuel oil tank and fresh water tank, and service speed mentioned above.
Engine and Auxiliary
Main engine:      One set of MAK9M1C25.
CMCR/SMCR:    2970Kw/750rpm
Propeller design rate:      2812Kw/173rpm
Ni-Al-Bronze, integral type, 4 class.
Five blades with a medium skew.
Hatch covers and Opening way
Three hatch covers to be arranged on the ship, No1 25900℅12800, No2 25200℅12800, No3 25200℅
The opening way of hatch cover to be folding type, to be devided into 12 pieces.
Crane: 35T X 30M X 2
Navigation equipment
To provide the following navigation equipment on the ship:
1 - reflective magnetic compass
1 - three face rudder angle indicator (with 2 auxiliary indicator)
1 每 astronomical clock
2 每 sextant
1 每 second counter
1 每 star identifier
2 每 aneroid barometer
2 每 thermometer
1 每 auto-barometrogragh
2 每 dry and wet thermometer
1 每 water temperature gauge
2 每 7℅50 binoculars
2 每 magnifying glass
1 每 protractor
1 每 azimuth finder
1 每 divider 
2 每 triangle plate
1 每 parallel ruler
2 每 pendulum type gradometer
2 每 sleet sweeper
3 每 parallel wiper
Gyrocompass receiver, autopilot, rudder angle indicator, shaft tachometer receiver, wireless 
navigational aids, echo sounder receiver, VDR, and weather facsimile receiver, etc. to be 
provided according to the requirements of ※Electric Specification§
Price:  atractive  

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